Planning on a Budget

The first order of business for me was to change how I plan in general.

Guys! I recently went through my planning supply receipts and it was actually a shocking and fairly embarrassing experience. I spend way too much on planning!!! 

I decided that one of my goals for 2018 is to save money and after seeing the amount I dump into my planners, this is my main focus for the year. While I'm definitely never going to give up the idea of planning, I know it can be done on a budget. I have made it my main focus to only buy things I absolutely need and to get the best deal possible for those things when I do in fact need to buy them.

The first order of business for me was to change how I plan in general. I have decided to switch from my Luxe Ec Vertical to a discbound ARC system. I buy too many kits for my EC since I like no white space planning in it so switching to a less constrained system is definitely going to save some mullah! While I'll still go back and forth for a while (to ween myself off) I'll likely be living more in the ARC this year. I will be doing a review and comparison video once it's all setup.

My next step is to shop smart. I had recently hit the Target dollar spot and was able to score some great deals but nothing of course can beat Dollarama finds. Everything in the photo above I was able to find at local Dollarama's in the last few weeks. If you're willing to bargain hunt you can get anything from gold embellishments to stickers to brand name pens and accessories. It's definitely worth checking out!

If you have suggestions for me on money saving alternatives for my planning obsession comment them below or send me an email. I am determined to make my planning budget friendly this year!