Plan with Me: Creative Year Agenda Walk Through & 43 Folder Desktop Filing System

I use two different planners to get myself organized. That's right, two! This video is a walk through of the A5 Creative Year rose gold planner I use that I have turned into a 43 folder desktop filing system. This system is adapted from other systems out there to be more manageable for everyday planning. I also walk you through how I double task both my personal sized planner and the A5 planner to form the most organized planning system I have had up to date. 

Here is a list of links to the inserts I use for my system and where you can buy them:

Month on two pages insert

Etsy monthly stats insert

Month at a glance insert

Daily tasks insert

Annual goals insert

2017 Calendar on one page insert

Wishlist insert

To Do insert

Weekly plan insert

Notes inserts

2017 Journaling Cards

I'll have more video tutorials, especially some DIY's, for your planners soon!