PenGems Pen Review

I think there are a lot of PenGems in my future.

I have been waiting to get on the  PenGems band wagon for some time now. I've always held back because when a kit comes out I want all the colors but that means spending a ridiculous amount of money on, well, pens. 

When the Northern Lights collection came out I knew I had to have some! The colors this time were so light and pretty and those rainbow colored crystals were a must have. But I didn't like every color which was actually perfect because I could order a few to try them out without breaking the bank.

I picked the Arctic Blue and Celestial Pink to start my collection with and also added the mini notebook that went with the collection to my order. When they arrived I was super stoked and with reason. The pens are just as beautiful as their images! 

The design of the pen is comfortable to hold and has a bit of weight to it so they definitely don't feel like some cheapie versions floating around out there. The crystals are breathtaking! Of course. And I found the little notebook bonus purchase to fit perfectly in the pocket of No 2 Foxy Fix. 

After a few times writing with them I knew I was addicted. The ink flows very well without almost any breaks and having extra refills that the pens came means I don't have to worry about not using them as often. Oh and if you don't like black ink there are a ton of options for refills to order. 

I seriously can't wait for the next order, I think there are a lot of PenGems in my future....