Budget Planning Routine

You are your own accountant here so make sure you put the right numbers down.

A few years ago I decided that it was time for me to be an actual adult (so weird!) and while my main concern was definitely getting my life on track for success, proper financial planning was a big part of that resolution. 

I have never been great with my money. Up until fairly recently, I have always been of the "spend now, ask questions later" mindset. In my mind, life was short so why not right? Wrong. Turns out life is much less fun when you're not prepared for it. So with the plan to be a proper grown up, my main step was to put myself in a more financially productive situation. Being a planner girl, I obviously needed to create a budget planning system that worked and was not too overwhelming.

My top to do's that have really helped me achieve my goal are:

1. I keep track of every single expense daily. Even if it's a buck, it gets recorded. My current inserts are from Peanuts Planner Co.


2. Staying on top of my recurring expenses is a lot of help when it comes to budgeting for the month. I came across this great idea by Mady on IG to have a chart for my recurring expenses and it has been a huge help!

3. I use Paper Storm Studio monthly budget and savings inserts at the end of each month. This is probably the main tip here. Find a monthly overview system that works for you and stick to it without exceptions. These inserts work best for me since they have all the information I need to have on hand without too many bells and whistles. The savings section is a must since it helps track how much I have saved which sets up my expendable budget for the next month.

The last tip I'll have is not a budget tip but it still makes the whole process much more fruitful: don't lie to yourself! You are your own accountant here so make sure you put the right numbers down. Even if it hurts a little. And trust me if you're anything like me the first few months will be belittling to say the least but in the end the only one that will win is you. In this case, you'll win life really ;)