Etsy Shop: Things to Know Before You Start One

Make sure your images are stellar and that the overall look of your shop is on point.

I've been going back and forth for quite some time before opening my first Etsy shop. I wasn't sure if I had the time, I wasn't ready to commit to one, and more importantly, I could not narrow down what I would like to sell. After having recently re-branded Mod Mode Designs, I can confidently say that having a dry run for a few months really helped me hone down the direction I want this shop to take. Today, I thought I'd share with you a couple of tips I've learned from trial and error.

  • Take your sweet time developing a product. Make sure you do your market research before you go live with your shop. Check other Etsy shop sellers, google products in your niche,and exhaust every possibility of finding out what is out there. You want your product to fill a need but also to stand out somehow so try to find a niche that is not over saturated. If your interest is in a popular niche however (mine was in printables for your home and planners) then make sure you develop some products that are more narrow in demand. In the case of Mod Mode, I've developed glitter shaker dashboards for planners that generate only a few pages of Etsy shop options so I can get more clicks on my dashboards.


  • Join Facebook groups that have something to do with what you want to sell and start talking to people. Don't just pitch your product but ask people what they would like to see in your shop. Find out what people need, make it, and then let them know you're selling it. It's the easiest and least expensive way to promote your products.


  • Branding is key! Make sure your images are stellar and that the overall look of your shop is on point and works with the products you're selling. For my Etsy shop I've re-branded recently to fit better with minimal home decor and the planner society. This meant a new banner, new images for all the products, and updating all of the profiles listed online.


  • This brings me to your profile. Keep it short. Most people don't click that little "read more" icon so keep the info about who you are short.


  • When it comes to advertising I've experimented with a couple of things. I've run Facebook ads, joined popular Pinterest groups and posted there, paid for Etsy shop ads, and have even published on Store Woot (this is a service that posts Etsy products on Pinterest for you). After reviewing stats the Facebook ad did not generate much income (although I will be redesigning it to see if it makes a difference next month). Posting on Pinterest in group boards was not highly effective but did bring some traffic and it's free which is a huge plus! Store Woot brought traffic but no sales and what I got the most out of as far as turning a profit goes is the Etsy shop ads within Etsy itself. But this could work different for everyone, depends on your product really so experiment with your ads.


  • Last but not least, social media is king when it comes to getting people to notice your Etsy shop. Make sure you get some social media accounts just for your store and absolutely do not use your personal accounts. You want your branding to stay consistent. If you have a physical product you'd like to promote then it's a good idea to reach out to bloggers and vloggers in the niche and start a gifting program with them. I'll be writing a post later about how to write a proper email when reaching out to bloggers.

So that's some of my advice. Is there anything you think I missed that you'd like for me to talk about in future posts? Let me know!