DIY Traveler's Notebook feat. April Planner Society Kit

I ended up using pretty much the entire Planner Society kit

After a lot of debate and budget checking I've finally taken the plunge and enrolled in the Planner Society Kit subscription box and I'm so excited! April of this year was the perfect time to enroll for me. I was of course most excited for the cute, spring patterned, floral sticker book that was the size of a pocket TN. Since I have way more tickers than can fit in a small sticker book I've decided to turn my booklet into a pocket sized traveler's notebook while I waited for my Foxy Fix inserts to come in. Having a million planners already I didn't need to use this TN for planning so I turned into a little station to track my reading. I have not been reading as much as I'd like to lately so this should be a good kick start!

To start the process I first used very thin pliers to carefully dig out the hardware that was holding the clear sticker pockets in place. I then cut off the side flap and used a permanent marker to color in the side to match the rest of the book.

With that out of the way I used a grommet set that I bought from a fabric store to add more holes for the TN elastics (I wanted enough to hold 3 notebooks) as well as a hole for the center closure elastic. The grommet set is super easy to use, all you need is a hammer and you use a tool the grommet set comes with to make a hole then a second tool to hammer down the metal clip.

Once my holes were done I used a light pink elastic (matches perfectly!) that I also bought at a fabric store to make all the notebook holders. Make sure to burn off the edges of the elastics so it doesn't fray. 

With the pocket traveler's notebook construction out of the way it was finally time to decorate! I ended up using pretty much the entire Planner Society kit to fully stock my new TN, mostly because I like chunky TN's. For the notebooks themselves, I cut down notebooks I had at home to the right size and decorated with leftover kit papers (see flip throughs below).

What did you guys do with your Planner Society kit this April? Send me some pics, I'd love to see them!