DIY Laminated Planner Folder

Hope you guys give this a shot!

Are you a little obsessed with keeping too much in your planners? I sure am! The trouble I find is that every folder I've gotten so far has exploded from too much items being crammed in. Huge planner fail! Since I love being thrifty with my planner decor when I can, I decided to give the DIY laminated planner folders that I've seen floating around a shot. I won't lie, I thought I would definitely muck this up but I am super impressed with how they turned out. Here's a little step by step if you're looking to do this on your own. I would definitely recommend heat laminating these and if you don't own a laminating machine then you can get this done at a local Staples or FedEx.

Step 1: Draw all of your lines. You want to make sure you draw on the inside of the sheet in areas you know you will be cutting off. The lines you want to draw are your fold lines in the center and the sides as well as your corner cut lines. These are important to make sure that when your sides get folded in they don't overlap. I measured a half an inch for my side folds which is just about enough for a proper glue.

Step 2: Score all of your fold lines for easier folding. I used the same knife I cut with and used a lighter touch. This is also when you want to go ahead and cut off any excess (like the angle of the folder) and your corners. This is the general shape you want to end up with.

Step 3: Fold all of your lines and use a glue stick to glue the sides down. Then glue the diagonal line of your pocket unto the half inch glued on side folds.

Step 4: Run the entire thing through the laminating machine. I ran mine through about 3 times to make sure everything gets laminated.

Step 5: Cut off the excess lamination on the sides.

Step 6: Use your ruler to score a line across the diagonal folder pocket until it lifts from the bottom page.

Step 7: Punch holes and you're ready to stuff your folder!

Hope you guys give this a shot and feel free to contact me if you need a more detailed information or if you have some awesome DIY's for me to try!