Creating a Productivity Mood Board: Tools and Resources

Being a productivity driven girlboss, I often times find myself in a funk. Either I am overwhelmed with projects or just need a break to catch up with my personal life and don’t know where to start again. Whatever the reason is, I find I need tools to get me going as much as I need them during heavy workload periods.

I have seen a lot of people use mood boards for inspiration. Whether it is for fashion or home décor or anything else in their lives that they might need an inspirational kick in. So I figured why not work on productivity based mood boards for myself? The way I see it, if a mood board can help someone feel inspirational on a visual basis then why couldn’t it serve the same function on a more project based, productive basis.

With that in mind, I set out to work on monthly mood boards that are geared towards productivity. These mood boards often contain images and ideas specific to the current projects I am working on, samples of organizational techniques, and any new tools on the market that can aid me in being more productive.

There are a few different tools and resources I use to create these boards (which alternate between one-pagers to put in my planners and hanging on my bulletin board at home). Below you will find a comprehensive list of some of my regular go-to’s in this realm because let’s face it, everyone has a favourite!

1.     Pinterest. This is huge for me! Not only is it great to find inspiration and print out some great images from but I have started a productivity-based board (which you can find here) geared specifically towards productivity ideas. This is an amazing way to not only store information and keep it on hand for the future but to share it with other people who might also be interested in the same topics.

2. I use this site to put together any mood boards that I might be getting printed out to put in my planner. Canva has a bunch of different templates and you can also create one yourself for whatever size you need so you can make sure it fits the planner you are working with. What I've started using this site for recently is to create desktop mood boards so that when I power up my Mac the background is actually my productivity mood board. I also use this site when I need to create inspirational infographics since it’s so easy to make something look good here!

3.     Evernote app. When I need to drop down notes on the go that might need to be incorporated into a mood board I stick to Evernote since it allows me to copy paste the text directly from the app to my output source which in most cases is a Word doc. I’ve also seen people use Evernote to create digital mood boards but since I am a very tactile person I need to make sure my mood boards are tangible.

4.     Productive! Magazine.  This is an online magazine but I tend to print out articles I enjoy and put them in my boards. You can read the articles online or on your phone via an app. I love this magazine because the interviews are always so inspiring so even if you’re not putting together a productivity board, you can get your regular dose of inspiration just from reading these.

5. I absolutely LOVE this platform. It is so perfectly tailored to female entrepreneurs that I cannot get enough of the content. There are a lot of different topics and themes and even a podcast so you’ll be plenty stocked with inspiration here.

Whether you’re into mood boards or not, I would definitely recommend creating something that resembles one for productivity. For me it started as a trial and error but is now a pretty pivotal part of my life that kicks my butt every day and makes me keep going.

Stay productive!