“Make cool stuff and stay organized, that is my mantra.” 

hi, i’m inessa!


I’m a productivity architect working with creative businesses and entrepreneurs to help streamline their businesses and take some tasks off their hands.

From working with startups to large scale companies, I have used my skills as a photographer, designer and organizer to not only elevate brands visually but to develop new brand guidelines and procedures. I have lead teams anywhere from 5 to 120 people and took a personal interest in each creative individual and their professional growth. It was this body of professional experience that made me fall in love with creative businesses and I became obsessed with helping brands and entrepreneurs grow in any way I can.

Being a massive planner enthusiast, organization has been at the core of everything I do daily and it is definitely my favourite part of virtual assisting. In fact, I love it so much that I provide FREE personalized planners to all of my customers!

I’m extremely dedicated to all of my clients no matter the project size and my number one priority is making sure that your creative business is organized and streamlined. I have a long standing background in CRM systems and will be using all of my combined skills to help you in your business.

Let’s get you back to doing what you love!


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